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Patch Info  OS 8.0/8.1 Patch  OS 8.6 Patch  OS 9.0/1 Patch

Information for OS 8.0/8.1 on 68k-Macs with 030-CPU,
and OS 8.5 incl. Update 8.6 and OS 9.0(9.1) on 68k-Macs with PPC-Upgrade.


There are several ways to operate a Mac with an OS Version which normally it does not support. As follows a few foundational jobs will be described which shoud lead to success.

Note: The author does not claim any responsibility for damage ensuing out of this descriptions. If not explicitly stated the patches have been developed by the author and have been succesfully tried and tested. It is still possible that some programs won't run propperly with a patched OS and loss of data can occur !

Most important preliminaries for a successful installation:

  • The OS to be patched must be available.
  • a boot disk/CD of the allready installed system shoud be at hand too.
  • a backup of all important data and programs is recommended.

Required Tools :

(look below too)

The system adAption is done in 3 steps :

  1. Preinstallation of the system
  2. Adaption of the system, the folders and files
  3. Install the system onto a bootable medium and restart

It is recommended to execute all work on a disk image. The size of the image file shoud be 60MB (OS8/8.1) to 260MB (OS9.0) liegen. As an alternative you can get bustling on a second partishon, harddrive, zip-disk or similar.

1. Preinstallation :

first you shoud copy all aforementioned tools on your harddisk .

With "Software Restore" CD : It contains already a disk image file ending with "...HD.img" (iMac HD.img, Power G4 HD.img, xyz HD.img, ...).This system preparation does not offer the full function range for all Macs. I.e. Restore CDs for the Desktop Macs do not contain Powerbook additives.
With "Installation" CD : The simple and under some circumstances one and only solution is the installation with a computer who is supporting the system. After launching the installer choose your prefered volume and contiue with the option 'manual Installation' and 'for each Macintosh'.
Is no adequate computer available you either have to trick the Mac or the Installer.
A promising methode is the alternatio of the Gestalt-ID with the aid of the control panel "Wish I were...". Maybe you have to try out different ID's until the Installer accepts the fake Mac. Generally the ID for 'Quadra 700', 'Quadra 650' or 'PPC9600' will be acceped. The following installation should be done with the options 'manual Installation' und 'for each Macintosh'.
A differen line of work is to take action in the Installer. But without some basic knowledge about bits 'n bytes, hex and dec you're heading for trouble. You shoud have some idea of what you're doing. Attention : the alternation can't be done on CD. You must make a rewritable copy. To the installer program ("Installing Mac OS") belongs an installer document (type:'data' creator:'chsk') with similar name. Open the document with ResEdit. Resource 'efpr' ID 3000 contains all Gestalt-IDs which will be accepted by the Installer. If the installer fails to function but the ID of the Mac is there you will not get far with this procedure. Is the ID missing you can replace one of the existing 4 digit IDs after offset h000010. (e.g..: 000010 000C --> 000010 001B). After that you got to select 'manual Installation'. A failsave function garantee here is not given either.

2. System Patch:

see  OS 8.0/8.1 Patch  OS 8.6 Patch  OS 9.0/1 Patch

3. Boot Installation :

The adapted OS can now be written onto the boot disk but first trash or rename the old system folder.
After that start the "System Picker" and select the new system folder on the right disk. Click 'Restart' and .............. !? Wait, hope .... !?
The Mac shoud start immediately, the startup sound shoud be heard and the new OS shoud boot with its welcome message. Hurrah ! - or not ?
If your Mac hangs something was wrong. Think about all steps, keep cool, calm and collected and stick your ready boot disk into the floppy drive. Thanks god that you have saved all data.


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Important Tools :